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motorreductores including inline helical geared motor,right angle helical bevel gearmotor,helical worm gearmotor,parallel shaft helical gearmotor,cycloidal gearmotor,planetary gearmotor,worm gearmotor.etc,our motorreductores are copies of SEW ,Flender and Rossi .
So if need motorreductores,please feel free to email us.



N series planetary gear unites are widely used for industrial applications. With the designs deriving from modern innovating, the product makes great progress in compact, price effectiveness and combination. The product configuration is highly versatile due to several options as far as the mounting,...
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Torque Range:Up to 5000NmInput Power Rating:0.18kW to 22kWRatio:9.0 to 14062Input Configuration:IEC-normalized motor adapter, IEC-normalized motor,solid shaft.Output Configuration: solid with key, hollow shaft,flange.Mounting solution: flange mounted, foot mountedCharacteristic:1.Housing m...
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Wide transmission rate, strong output torqueStructure: Base-mounted, input shaft, input flange, additional single or double output shaftsCompact mechanical structure, light weight, small volumeGood temperature change resistanceSmooth operation with lower noise or vibrationEasy mounting, free linking...
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