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Compact gearbox for sugar mills

Model: Compact gearbox for sugar cane mills

  • Main benefits of using compact gears with sugarcane mills:   

    Better control of juice extraction;

    Reduced humidity at the last trio;

    The best solution to prevent overloads;

    The lowest investment possible to increas crushing capacity;

    Reutilization of roll sleeves reduces maintenance costs.

    Advantages of this type of installation:

    It is not necessary to open or disassemble the equipment frequently;

    Forced lubrication,filtering and cooling the oil;

    The assembly does not require keys,pins or adjustments; 

    Absence of toothed (main) wheels,reels,rods etc; 

    Closed system,protected from external contamination;

    Complex,high-pressure hydraulic systems are not required;

    Fully controlled electronically by an electric motor and a frequency inverter.

    Our gearbox is able to replace of CMD gearbox.

    Model:CZT20 ~ CZT460,
    Rated output torque:20~660 T * m,
    Transmission power:120~2500kW,
    Input speed:500~1200rpm,