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Vertical mill gearbox

Model: MLX vertical mill gearbox

  • 1. Widely used in suchindustries as building materials,electrical power and metallurgy.
    2. Structure:use bevel gear+planet gear direct driving,bevel gear+gear+planet gear direct driving,bevel gear+gear+new planet gear direct driving,gear+bevel gear+gear+planet gear direct driving,bevel gear+planet gear+planet gear direct driving,reducer and grinder integrated output flangeconnected directly to grinding disc to transfer torque, and bear the pressurefrom grinding roller as the same time.

    3.Bevel gear pairmade of Klingelnberg,bevel gear, gear,sun gear and planet gear all usecarburizing quenching technique;in addition,gears,the sun gears and planetgear use the company's specialized gear-type modification technique,tooth strengthening shot-blasting technique.Internal gear ringsare grounded after being roughly processed,with a precision above grade 5(ISO1328).

    4. All the gears aredetected at stock stage and after heat treatment.The main welding seams on thecase and planet gear turner are ultrasonic detected. Advanced welding equipmentand welding procedure are adopted to guarantee high strength and high rigid ofturner.

    5.Use kinetic andstatic pressure,static pressure lubrication system,safe and reliable.

    6.Bearing bushes areoptimized in design by the design software jointly developed by our company;

    7.Service life of all the rolling bearings over 80,000h.

        Lubeoil brand: N220-320 (GB/T5903-1995).

    8.This series of reducers has the characteristics of being compact,light, high efficiency,low noise,stable operation and long service life etc.Simple in structure,safe and reliable in operation and convenient for installation and maintenance.

    9.The main technicalindexes of this series of reducers reach the most advanced level for theproducts of its kind at home and abroad at present.

    10.Maximium input power can be 8000kw.