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Motor outside Electric roller

Model: Drum motor

  • Motor outside electric roller/electric drum/drum motor brief:
    Motor outside electric roller is a new designed electrical driving equipment that assembled motor outside of roller and gears inside of roller.This design avoids of bad heat radiating,easy burn,and input power limited.The input power can be up to 110kw or more.
    Motor outside electric drum has three kinds of installation:I type,II type,and III type,which can meet all kinds of installation requirements.Inside gears also including three type,planetary gear,helical gear and cycloidal gear.Each type with good design and quality.
    Assembled motor can be required by customer,common motor,brake motor,variable frequency motor,explosion-proof motor.etc.Our roller adopting pin type of flexible coupling.To high input power,in order to improve start performance,it can use YOX hydraulic coupling.If have requirements of brake and backstop,we can also do it.