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High speed gearbox

Model: speed increaser

  • TDGS series high speed gearbox is widely adopted in steam turbines,gas turbines,generator,flow fan,compressor,pumps,cracking and catalyzing energy callback,oxygen maker,balancing machine as well as the increasing (reducing) high speed gearbox for military and civil.

    High rotation speed: Max rotation speed reaches 80000r/min;

    Max circumferential speed is 176m/s;

    Max center distance is 1000mm and max power reaches 96000kW.

    Bearings for high speed gearbox adopts radial tilting pad bearings,plain bearings,tilting pad thrust bearings,thrust pad bearings.fixed lobe bearings.etc.

    High performance, high reliability, and long service life, the shortest design life is 10 years. Generally, the service life is more than 20 years, even more. Strong customization capability.