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Roller press gearbox

Model: Planetary gearbox for Roller press

  • Small solidity, light weight,big transmission capacity and long life.etc

    1.Roller press mill reducer is planetary gear structure and mainly supplies power for roll mill as its heart.The roll mill gearboxes are used in pair and driven by motor;ratiosof them are totally same;their layout is symmetrical;the hollow shaft is equipped with the locking plate to link with two pressing rollers.The planetary gear reducer is equipped with an independent lubrication oil station (without oil tank).The oil pool temperature inside reducer and the temperature of input shaft bearingare reflected by Pt100 temperature measuring component which transmit thetemperature information to the control cabinet for supplying oil while reducer’s start and stop.The lubrication oil quality can be ensured in this way.

    The planetary gears which is researched and developed by TORK drive.Fifteen specifications for each type are available for adapting to various types of roll mills.

    The gear reducer for roller press has characteristics of small solidity,light weight,big transmission capacity and long life etc.

    2. Detailed parameters

    Rated output torque:295000~1920000 N.M

    Input rotation speed:750~1500rpm

    Transmission ratio:25~40,45~125

    AGMA service factor:≥2.5