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Fixed pitch propeller gearbox

Model: Controllable pitch propeller gearbox

  • Integrated with the advanced designing experience of marine propulsion gearbox, TORK drive engineers develop out controllable pitch propeller gearbox,fixed pitch propeller gearbox,Dredger gearbox and FI-FI pump gearbox with independent IP right for ships.With the function of speed reduction,clutch-in and off,PTO and PTI,the gearboxes are widely utilized in the main CPP systems driven by the non-reversible medium speed diesel engines.

    Fixed pitch propeller gearbox is large power marine gearbox,which can realize the function of astern-ahead, clutch-in and off and speed reduction. They are widely used in the FPP systems driven by the reversible medium speed diesel engines.

    The gearboxes are designed with one or double stage transmission and the centers of input and output shafts can be coaxial, horizontal, vertical and non-concentric.

    Max.transmission power 17000kW;

    Max. transmission capacity  50kW/rpm;

    Max. Thrust :1850kN

    Gear material: high quality low carbon alloy steel/carburizing and quenching; Arrangement:according to propulsion; Hydraulic multi-disc friction clutch.