• High Speed Gearboxes

  • High speed gearbox applications are demanding. It is only with the utmost dedication to design and manufacturing best practices that the kind of speeds that are required by the power generation, gas and oil exploration, refining, and pipeline/pumping industries, among others, can be achieved.

    To further complicate matters, these units are often placed in some of the harshest operating environments in the world. Whether your application is offshore in the North Sea or the Gulf of Mexico, or land-based on the frozen north slope of Alaska or the sun-baked Sahara desert, Torkdrive high-speed drives have an unparalleled record of long-term reliability.


    • High rigidity housing and highly stable bearing enable low noise operation.
    • • Application-based, optimized design results in an increased load capacity.
    • • Simplified housing design makes for simple maintenance and reliability.
    • • Customizable to meet your needs.

  • Technical Info

    High rotation speed: Max rotation speed reaches 80000r/min;

    Max circumferential speed is 176m/s;

    Max center distance is 1000mm and max power reaches 96000kW.

    Bearings for high speed gearbox adopts radial tilting pad bearings,plain bearings,tilting pad thrust bearings,thrust pad bearings.fixed lobe bearings.etc.