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K helical bevel geared motor

Model: helical bevel gearbox

  •      K series helical bevel geared motor designed and manufactured on the basis of modular combined system,the gears unit have abundant combinations of motor,mounting positions and structure projects ,the classfying class of transmission ratio is detailed ,which meets the requirements of different working situation and realize mechatronics.

    High rigidity cast iron housing with rib,the rigid tooth flank gear utilizes good-quality alloy steel,the surface is treated with carburizing quenching hardening treatment,refined procession of grinding,stable drive,low noise,big capacity of load,long using life.

    Torque Range:Up to 50000N.m
    Input Power Rating:0.12kW to 60kW
    Ratio:5.36:1 to 16000:1
    Input Configuration:IEC-normalized motor adapter, IEC-normalized motor,solid shaft with key-way;

    Output Configuration:solid with key-way,solid shaft with flange.

    Mounting solution:flange mounted,foot mounted.

    This right angle gearbox can working as paper mill gearbox,pellet mill gearbox,