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Cycloidal gearbox

Model: X cycloidal speed reducer

  • X cycloidal reductor with Several Tooth, High Strength, Credibility and Long Lifespan Made of Bearing Steel
    1. Motor: Y or other selected, single, signle-phase and three phase
    2. Type of input: Motor, flanged and shaft
    3. Transmission stage: 1 and 2
    4. Installment selection: Horizontal, vertical and flange of quadrate
    5. Fit for clockwise and counter clockwise and compact volume
    6. Ratio range: 9 to 5, 133
    7. Power rage: 0.12-30kw
    The features
    1. Large transmission ratio, for single transmission ratio is 1/6-1/87, and for double is 1/99-1/7569
    2. High transmission efficiency. The average efficiency is over 90%
    3. Small volume, light weight
    4. Low noise when operating, less fault, long life, stable and reliable operation, easy disassembly, easy repair.
    5.Housing material:HT200 Cast iron
    6.Cycloid wheel material:GCr15
    7.Input/Output shaft material:#45 High-carbon chromium steel
    8.Lubricating oil:GB 2# Lithium grease, Mobilux EP 2
    9.Heat Treatment:Tempering,quenching
    11.Noise (MAX):60~70dB
    12.Temp. rise  (MAX):60°C