• Bucket elevator drives - professional transmission equipment supplier

  • Bucket elevators are used in mining, metallurgy, building materials and other industries. They have a large capacity for lifting materials, a large lifting height, a large proportion of materials, and a large starting torque required during the starting process.

    The load-bearing elements in bucket elevators are central or double chain chains, chain links or belts connecting the buckets. The bucket elevators drive is above. The driving device is composed of an electric motor, a gear box, a chain drive, a backstop or a brake and a coupling, and a drum or a sprocket is installed on the driving spindle. When the lifting height is high, the coupling adopts the hydraulic coupling; when the lifting height is low, the elastic coupling is used.

    As a professional transmission equipment supplier, TORKDRIVE provides excellent elevator gearboxes to provide reliability and high performance for transmission equipment.

  • Bucket elevator drives main parameters

    Output speed : 1.7-1200RPM

    Output torque: up to 470000N.m

    Motor power: 2.2-5366kw

    Mounted form: foot mounted

    Gears accurate level: grade 6

  • Application

    Electricity, cement, coal, ships, construction, etc.

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