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H parallel shaft gearbox

Model: H parallel shaft gear reducer

    • H parallel shaft gear reducer housings:
    • H1SH3 to H1SH19 are splited housing
    • H2SH4,H2HH4,H2DH4 to H2SH12,H2HH12,H2DH12 are monoblock housing(integrated)
    • H3SH4,H3HH4,H3DH4 to H3SH12,H3HH12,H3DH12 are monoblock housing(integrated)
    • H4SH5,H4HH5,H4DH5 to H4SH12,H3HH12,H3DH12 are monoblock housing(integrated)
    • H2SH13,H2HH13,H2DH13 to H2SH18,H2HH18,H2DH18 are splited housing
    • H3SH13,H3HH13,H3DH13 to H3SH26,H3HH26,H3DH26 are splited housing
    • H4SH13,H4HH13,H4DH13 to H3SH26,H3HH26,H3DH26 are splited housing
    • Mounting solution:foot mounted,shaft mounted,shrink disk mounted,vertical mounted ,horizontal mounted;
      Input:solid shaft with key-way,IEC flange;
      Output:hollow shaft with key-way,hollow shaft with shrink disk,solid shaft output,splined shaft output;
    • Accessaries can be:torque arm,backstop,cooling fan,cooling tube,oil pump,motor oil pump,flexiable coupling,gear coupling,hydraulic coupling.etc.
    • This gearbox can replace of Flender gearbox.
    • Torque Range:Up to 470000N.m
      Output speed:1.7~1200rpm
      Input power:2.2~5366kw