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Ball mill gearbox

Model: Gearbox for ball mills

  • Ball mill gearbox are mainly used incement grinding mill for construction material industry.   

    1. The ball mill reducers with center drive configuration are new type of gearboxes with feature of low speed,heavy duty,which possess independence intellectual property rights and which are designed and developed on basic of rich experience of foreign production actuality and advanced technology from abroad.They are mainly used for the ball rolling  mill.

    The configuration of the cement gearbox are double distributes,two-stage and center drive.The reduction ratio is 20-80.Themax transmission power is 8500KW.Normally,the motor whose rotation speed can be 500rpm,740rpm,990rpm.

    The center drive reducers are all case-hardened toothflanks;the rolling bearing life is more than 100 thousand hours;the sliding bearing and gears are infinite life design.

    The arrangement of the safe and reliable electric controling and measuring system makes the temperature scanning;the vibration test and thecomputer control of all bearing are being realized.The advantages of the center drive reducers are compactness,light weight,high capacity of transmission,long service life,smooth operation,low noise,easy operation,less maintenance easy spare partsavailable due to engineering concept of standardization and generalization.

     2.Detailed parameters

    Power: P=800~9500kW

    Input rotation speed: n=540~1500rpm

    Ratio range: i=20~220

    The max allowable noise is 85db one meter away from thereducer during its full-load.

    Bearing life:the radial bearings life is more than 100 thousand hours theoretically;the sliding bearing is infinite life designtheoretically.

    Reducer design life:Theoretically 30 years.

    Normal theoretical vibration speed of cement mill gearbox is 2.5mm/s.

    Main reducer service factor (AMGA)≥2.5