There are a large selection of gearboxes and speed reducers for a wide variety of applications which require high torque and slow speed. All of our Transmission Speed Reducers have excellent quality and power. Get the best deals on Industrial Gearboxes & Speed Reducers.

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  • What About The Speed Reducer Gearbox?
    The helical gear worm reducer is different from the ordinary worm reducer. The input adopts a pair of helical gears to reduce the speed of the worm. Heat is reduced while a larger gear ratio can be achieved. The gear arrangement of the planetary gear reducer has a centrally located externally toothed sun gear which meshes with one or more planetary gears. The sun and planetary gears are processed by carburizing and quenching. The gears are ground, which increases the efficiency and life of the planetary gear set. Our gear motors and reducers feature state of the art high-efficiency gear units.

  • What Does The Reducer Do?

    The reducer has two main functions. First, they take the torque produced by the power source (input) and multiply it. Second, a reducer, as the name suggests, reduces the speed of the input so that the output is the correct speed.

    How does a reducer increase torque while reducing speed? The output gear of the reducer has more teeth than the input gear. So while the output gear may spin more slowly, reducing the input speed, the torque will increase.

    So, in summary, they take input power and increase torque while reducing speed.Reducers come in many shapes and sizes, but some of the most common are gearboxes.

  • The Benefits Of The Reducer

    So, what are the main advantages that you can benefit from using a reducer? Let's talk about them one by one:

    • You can save costs

    Using a reducer to increase torque and reduce speed helps reduce the overall cost of the operating system. You get higher efficiency and reliability in all motor applications. Many gear motors are inexpensive to install and require little maintenance, which means less unplanned downtime for gear repairs.

    • Improve your environmental friendliness

    High-efficiency gearheads can provide significant savings in energy and drive component costs. In addition, gear motors can help the environment and the operator. Industrial electric motor systems account for about 1/12 of all greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel power plants. Greenhouse gas production can be significantly reduced by using high-efficiency reducers such as gear reducers to reduce motor power consumption.

    • Get a torque boost

    Geared motors have advantages when connected directly to the motor output shaft. This creates a mechanical advantage based on the ratio of the number of gears to the number of teeth on each gear. For example, if the motor produces a torque of 17.5 N/mm, installing a 5:1 reducer will produce an output torque of 87.5 N/mm.

    • Achieve reliable deceleration

    Reducers are also called gear reducers because when they increase the output torque, they reduce the output speed. A 1,000 rpm motor with a 5:1 reducer outputs 200 rpm. Since many motors do not operate efficiently at low speeds, this deceleration can improve system performance.