• F parallel shaft gear motor - high stability, high efficiency

  • F series parallel shaft geared motors ,gearbox have the feature of small volume,light weight,heavy transmission torque,steady startup,low consumption,various mounting types and flexible input and output etc.

  • Features

    ◆ Low backlash gear motor designed with flexible modular concept.

    ◆ The world-class quasi-ecological appearance design adds luster to your brand image.

    ◆ Higher power density can save you equipment installation space, and the overall structure is more compact.

    ◆ High reliability and long design life can effectively reduce your operating costs and maintenance costs.

  • Installation form

  • Main application industries

    ● Ports

    ● Lifting

    ● Electricity

    ● Mining

    ● Cement

    ● Paper

  • Technical parameter

    Torque Range:Up to 18,000Nm

    Input Power Rating: from 0.12kW to 200kW

    Ratio:from 3.8:1 to 13000:1

    Input Configuration:IEC motor adapter, IEC motor,solid shaft with key-way.

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