• S worm geared motor - Meet all your needs!

  • The characteristic of the helical worm gear :
    1.Optimized design, modular combination,right angle output,space reduction.
    2.High strength and longevity gears.
    3.Reverse operation function,the reducer can be added up with various motors.
    4.High output torque, smooth startup,low noise,high efficiency.
    5.High reliability and long design life can effectively reduce your use cost and maintenance cost.

  • Installation form

  • Main application industries

  • ● Ports

    ● Electricity

    ● Mining

    ● Cement

    ● Paper

    ● Textile

  • Input Configuration:
    IEC-normalized motor adapter,IEC-normalized motor,solid shaft.
    Output Configuration:
    solid with key,hollow shaft,flange.etc.

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