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shaft mounted gear reducer

shaft mounted gear reducer including parallel shaft gearmotor , gearbox and H helical gearbox,which be widely used all kinds of industry.our shaft mounted gear reducer are the same as SEW gearbox ,so if you need shaft mounted gear reducer,please contact us.


"Shaft Mounted Gear Reducer"

Torque Range: Up to 540,000NmInput Power Rating:0.25kW to 200kWRatio:3.15 to 5,000Gear Unit Version:In-line,Right-angleConfiguration:Mounting solution: flange mounted, foot mounted, shaft mountedOutput shaft: solid with key, splined, hollow shaft with shrink disc, splined hollowOptional Accessory:Fo...
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P Series Planetary Gear Units adopts the involute planetary gear transmission with inner mesh, outer mesh and divided power employed reasonably. So the series has the feature of light weight, small volume, high transmission ratio, high efficiency, smooth rotation, low noise and good applicability et...
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Spiral bevel gear\'s low speed or high speed transmission are equal. Low noise, little vibration and high bear.Summary of T series spiral bevel gear transmission box:T series first bevel spiral bevel gear transmission case, standardization, various kind, speed ratio 1: 1, 1.5: 1, 2: 1, 2.5: 1, 3: 1 ...
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